06 February 2009

Loon with a Huge Womb

Nadya Suleman, the woman in Whittier, California who recently delivered octopulets, has become the latest example of a lunatic on the loose in American society. (http://www.iht.com/articles/2009/02/04/america/04octuplets.php?page=1) The fact that this unwed woman was already a mother of six children deserved to be a cause for concern. Six children would strain the energy levels of a married couple, if not, totally overwhelm a typical husband and wife.
Now this deranged woman has more than doubled the number of lives depending on her. The American taxpayers, especially those in California, will end up paying for this woman's selfish irresponsibility. She possesses neither employment, a husband nor a Kennedy-sized trust fund. Therefore, the plethora of socialist governmental programs disguised as altruism will prop up her egotistical irresponsibility.

"She loves children, she is very good with children, but obviously she overdid herself," Angela Suleman, the grandmother of the octuplets said. Nadya Suleman overdid herself?! A women who has scheduled visual, dental, gynecological, psychiatric, chiropractic and proctological appointments in the same day has "overdone" herself. What did this woman has done qualifies as deliberate and criminal child abuse, or at least, neglect. Her mother's statement has already secured the title "Understatement of the Year 2009".

Incredibly, this idiot was working as a psychiatric technician in a hospital until less than a year ago. One can only hope that her psychosis was not contagious and not transmitted to the patients at this hospital. She should have inquired into any psychological aid available, not the reproductive services, of her employer.

If any positive effect results from this situation, it would include stricter laws restricting artificial insemination. Preferably, an outright ban on the practice deserves to be enacted. This procedure abets women, homosexual or heterosexual, who deliberately want to deprive children of fathers. That practice harms children and society in general. Just one consequence of this behavior is the majority of prisoners in the USA grew up in homes without their fathers. The satisfaction of their misandrist whims has turned into a burden and affliction that society must no longer tolerate.

To paraphrase Gloria Steinem's favorite saying, Nadya Suleman needs children like a fish needs a bicycle.

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