11 September 2009

Early September Football Musings

The National Football League finally is staging its regular season after its interminable slate of exhibition games. Numerous college football teams have match-ups versus other major conference opponents in addition to a sizable number of intra-conference games. Here are some random thoughts brought on by the impending weekend:

1. Oregon's season hopes suffered a major blow. On the bright side, the University of Oregon still has LeGarette Blount, the perfect cornerstone to build a varsity boxing squad.

2. Oklahoma fans' agony of losing Sam Bradford for weeks and, quite possibly, its hopes for a return to the national championship game is compounded by the higher ranking of and impressive season-opening win by that team from Stillwater to which Sooners love to condescend.

3. If the Detroit Lions manage to halt their seventeen game losing streak against the Saints on Sunday, the flood of tears from New Orleanians will make Hurricane Katrina appear as a light drizzle. The memories of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ending their streak of twenty-six consecutive losses will flood the memories of the long-suffering Saints' fans.

4. What high-profile NFL player will sustain a season-ending injury during the opening weekend?

5. How many games will Terrell Owens play before publicly insulting Trent Edwards, questioning his coaches decisions and generally wearing out his welcome in Buffalo? My guess is less than two months.


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