07 April 2009

More Than a Bow

President Barrack Hussein Obama's obvious bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia at the G20 Summit has caused much discussion. His inner circle has denied what the video images clearly showed: a fully horizontal bending at the waist with his head down while standing in front of Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. The Obamaniacs in the media and at-large attempted to downplay his act of submission as a mere sign of respect. They conveniently ignored the fact that he did not bow to the Queen of Great Britain. So one may conclude that Obama only respects absolute monarchs from totalitarian kingdoms. On the other hand, he may disdain monarchs who only perform ceremonial functions in an otherwise representative democracy.

The egregious display of kowtowing to the leader of particularly oppressive Islamic regime served as the most visible sign of Obama's latest endeavor. Obama's tour of Europe and the Middle East evidently comprise part of his challenge of former President Jimmy Carter's world record in the category of denigrating the United States in the most locations across the world. Granted, Obama has not quite reach Nobel Peace Prize standards for backstabbing. Nevertheless, he is on the verge of shattering this mark following his whirlwind tour of Ameriphobic strongholds.

Obama secured some halal points with Islamists and their useful idiots in Europe. Obama apologized for the U.S.A's toppling of a fascist regime in Iraq. He lamented the detainment of jihadis involved in violent attacks on Americans and others. His expressions of guilt for American supremacy in military and financial matters soothed the egos of Mohamadans and Marxists alike. His obfuscation of the inherent Islamic underpinning of terrorism yielded smiles of willful denial of reality. His intention to yield to their demands, no matter how detrimental to American security or economy, earned for him numerous rounds of applause and glowing media coverage.

Obama did let some scoring opportunities slip through his grasp. He failed to decry American influence with proliferation of fast-food restaurants around the world. He could have at least thrown rock through a window of a McDonald's location; Euro-trash tradition mandates this custom whenever a meeting involving financial matters occurs. He did not beg their pardon for their adolescents' obsession with music, films and television series written and produced by Americans. His omission of regret for the continued American indifference toward soccer stands out as another missed chance to add to the ledger of pusillanimity. His teleprompter will have to shoulder the blame for those since his cult of personality insists that he never commits any errors.

Since Obama needs another display of cravenness to solidify his grasp on the title of "Most Dhimmified Lackey of the Year", an obvious option has presented itself. The Somali jihadis engaging in piracy off the east coast of Africa could certainly use a bailout. The global economic recession has curtailed the number of ships loaded with goods for them to plunder. Of course, they would demand a Sharia-compliant, interest-free loan that would be eventually forgiven without ever paying back a penny.

This price to pay to please the Islamic Bloc will continue to grow expediently. In this case, it is the dignity and self-respect of the United States of America.

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