17 April 2009

Tea-ed off Critics

Since Wednesday, various leftist media members have taken swipes at the Tea Parties across the U.S.A. Unaccustomed to viewing protesters peacefully gathering instead of vandalizing businesses and battering opponents, the Lefties seemed confused initially. How could thousands of people congregate for an issue other than the corruption of marriage, the legal right to murder babies or the support of totalitarians bent on destroying capitalism and democracy? Quickly, they recovered to fire off tawdry remarks and dismissive comments.

On Keith Olbermann's show, Janeane Garofalo accused the protesters of "racism" because they demonstrated anti-Obamania yet she failed to indicate what was racist about their signs, statements, chants and so forth. One can only assume that she meant that any negativity directed toward Obama by Whites is inherently racist. Such an attitude shows her narrow-mindedness and cerebral atrophy. That explains her erroneous description of herself as an "actor". Is she betraying gender identity issues?

The clip of Susan Roesgen proselytizing to the protesters has widely circulated throughout the Internet. She bared her Obamania while attempting to argue with protesters in Chicago. At least she exposed less of herself on this occasion.

When she was at WDSU, New Orleans' NBC affiliate, in the 1990s, she was covering the parades on Fat Tuesday. One of her breasts was exposed through her costume while she was on camera. She may have bought into the urban legend that all women exhibit themselves during Carnival. She was so mortified that she left the day-long broadcast, ahead of public ridicule of her meager mammary.

Anderson Cooper, on his show, 360, stated, "It's hard to talk when you're teabagging" with the air of master of such activity. The glee on his face could have been viewed unaided from the moon. Finally, Cooper had the opportunity to discuss a hobby without outing himself publicly. Perhaps, in the future, Cooper will find another occasion to spout his insider's double entendres if another group of protesters uses fudge as a prop.

Keith Olbermann further justified his Outstanding TV Journalism Segment award from a homosexual alliance against criticism in March of this year. His proudly displayed his knowledge of teabagging, interspersing references to the practice throughout his rants. Considering Olbermann's apparent lack of testicles since he never invites any guests who disagree with him, one must assume that he has been on the receiving end in order to have acquired his plethora of expertise.

Rachel Maddow could not contain her revulsion at the whole topic of teabagging. Maybe she was simply upset about missing a women's softball league game in order to cover a bunch of capitalist-oriented protesters. She gave every indication that she would have preferred to slip into her finest flannel shirt and sandals then partake in some bearded clams. Sadly, she finds herself in that annual lull between the end of the NCAA women's basketball tournament and the season opener of the WNBA.

As much as the Lefties denigrated the Tea Parties, they fear the rise of an activist movement among Conservatives allied with Libertarians. The continued decline of the American economy and the rise of socialism touted by the Obama Administration and Democratically-controlled Congress will lead to change. However, it will not consist of the type demanded by Obamaniacs. Numerous heated Congressional races will occur, especially if entrenched incumbents receive credible challengers next year. By then, the American people will have discovered if these tea parties were only a one-time fad.

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